I had the pleasure to be involved in the conceptualisation and early design of this beautiful commercial for Rolls Royce. 
Directed by FILFURY.
Agency: Daughter.Studio
Partner: Gareth Hopkins 
Creative Director: Stuart Jackson 
Production Company
Production: Mill+
Director: FILFURY 
Executive Producer: Josh Davies 
Producer: Swifty Hanrahan 
Production Coordinator: Lucy Hawes 
VFX Shoot Supervisor: Dan Moller, Gabriel Thomas Ayache 
Editorial: The Mill
Editor: Will Barnett 
VFX Production
VFX: The Mill
Producer: Claire Braithwaite 
Production Assistant: Anuraj R, Rhea Sil 
VFX Creative
VFX: The Mill
2D Creative Lead: James MacLachlan 
3D Creative Lead: Dan Moller 
2D Artist: Peter Hodsman, Gianluca Di Marco, Jose Caballero, Declan Andrews, Sole Martin, Richard Payne 
3D Artist: Jacques Leyreloup, Jack Harris, Jacob Granzalez, Antonio Flippin, Tom Hales, Jack Powell, Victoria McIntyre, Sebastain Tafani, Evelina Dalin, Finaly Crowther, Oscar Hill, Manjunath Shivaprasad, Sudhir Verma 
Matte Painting: Cameron Johnson 
Motion Graphics: Gabriel Thomas Ayache, Will MacNeil, Jakub Skorupa
Colour: The Mill
Colourist: Mick Vincent, Oisin O’Driscoll 
Colour Assist: Daniel Levy
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